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I got an email today that said my paid account is going to run out in 12 days. NOOOOOOOOOO! So I've done the good thing and tried to prepare myself for the great change by cutting my userpics down from 110 to... 15! It almost killed me to do it, I'm not joking. The PAIN of deleting some deeply loved icons is real. LOL! But in a strange way it also feels good to get rid of the clutter and as it's spring I think it was about time too.

I just finished my second term at Uni and I'm leaving for home on Monday and then I have three weeks of straight revision before back to Uni for term 3. I'm already quaking from the thought of my biosciences exams. The fear makes me want to curl up in the fetal position and deny all knowledge of said exams.

Location: dorm room
Mood: content
Song: watching - the f word
06 January 2009 @ 10:30 pm
I'm always nervous about doing these and I don't know why. But, I loved what came out from doing it the last time so...

Post your secret(s), anonymously, and it can be about anything you want. It can be something you wouldn't tell your own mother, your New Years resolution you've made for yourself but would never admit out loud or something you want to happen this year; something you dream about. Whatever it is, post it in a comment ♥
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Song: duffy - rockferry
Well, it's another fine day for British weather, so what's new?

I never do this, because I don't think anyone will respond and post any comments and I'll look stupid. Post anonymously and tell me something you would probably never post on your journal. It can be anything, your secret favourite movie, the band you love but noone else does, the thing that scares you the most today, the thing you regret the most today, etc and you can comment as many times as you want.
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Song: the tings tings - standing in the way of control (live lounge)
16 June 2008 @ 09:54 pm


It seems I've been neglecting LJ so much recently that people are actually cutting me from their friends list... well one in particular. It made me think about making my journal FRIENDS ONLY and making a friends cut. Basically, I'm not going to make one of those awful 'We're no longer firends becuase of these reasons' post. I'll just say that if this is the only post on my LJ that you can see, you've been cut. If you want to be kept or to be added (welcome to anyone new!) then leave a comment and I'll look at your LJ and your interests.

There are some people I would never cut, because I think we're friends for more reasons than comment counting. But, maybe that's just me?